Report On the Activities of FI/OP: Human Rights Situation in Mexico

July 31 - April 18, 2000
Palais des Nations, GenevaIn our statement on Mexico, we recognized that the recent presidential election in Mexico has re-affirmed the principle of alternation which is one of the key aspects of democratic societies. We also noted that the President-elect of Mexico was quoted as saying that the concept of sovereignty could not be used in the future by Mexico to avoid scrutiny of its human rights record by the international community. Notwithstanding the electoral change, there is ample evidence to demonstrate that there remains long-standing and systemic human rights problems which will require strong remedies and long-term solutions.

We brought to the attention of the Sub-Commission the Chairman's statement on Mexico adopted at the 1999 Session of the Sub-Commission and especially the Mexican government's commitments to take corrective action. Among stated undertakings, the representative of Mexico had indicated that the government would invite the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson to visit the country, that they would extend invitations to Special Rapporteurs, and they would adopt measures for improving dialogue with indigenous groups. Additionally, the government would implement a human rights strategy and projects for the protection of the rights of indigenous people. A few months following the adoption of the statement, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights visited Chiapas in Mexico and declared that there was a deep gulf between what the government said it was doing and wanted to do and what was being reported on the ground.

In our statement to Sub-Commission, we strongly encouraged Mexican authorities to implement fully the commitments they made at the United Nations.

In addition, we recommended that the Sub-Commission request the UN Commission on Human Rights to ensure that there is follow-up to the commitments made by the government of Mexico and that the Commission continue to monitor the situation of human rights in the country. Summary Links Sub-Commission 2000:
Mexico, Pakistan, Iraq, indigenous peoples, economic and social rights

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UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-second session
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UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-second session