In Brief: Our Contributions to the Works & Deliberations of the Commission 2000

March 20 - April 28, 2000
Palais des Nations, Geneva Franciscans International and Dominicans for Justice and Peace (FI/OP) submitted threewritten statements (human rights situation in Colombia, disastrous consequences caused by the economic sanctions on Iraqi children, Franciscan activities with the indigenous in the Philippines) and presented four oral statements (right to development, religious intolerance in Pakistan, human rights violations in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico and impact of the economic sanctions on Iraqi children).

Our delegation joined other NGOs on one written statement (violation of human rights by Latin American military personnel trained at the US Army School of the Americas) and on five oral statements (human rights situation in Colombia, violence against women, migrant workers, human rights defenders and the effective functioning of human rights mechanisms in Brazil).

FI/OP also co-sponsored four briefings (human rights situation in Mexico, human rights defenders, crimes against humanity and impunity, including the cases Argentina and Chile and a gallery of memory about the abuses against human rights committed in Colombia in the past decades).

Parallel to the Commission, we organized with the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) a two days (10-11 April 2000) seminar at the Palais des Nations entitled "Europe: an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice?" bringing together ninety participants from mostly Church based organizations all over Europe, from the grass roots to the policy making level. One of the main positive effects of the seminar was to have the participants connect with each other and to understand the human rights dimension of their work vis-á-vis the UN.

During the last week of the Commission, we assisted a group of Brazilian NGOs representatives to explore UN mechanisms and procedures, namely at the level of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights where they presented the Brazilian civil society's analysis on the status of ESC rights in their country.

Further, we co-signed the NGOs appeal on human rights defenders and a NGOs letter to the Ambassador of Portugal (in his capacity of Head of the European Union) expressing concern over the drafting process of the Chairman's statement on Colombia.

The FI/OP delegation was composed of the two directors, (John Quigley OFM and Philippe LeBlanc OP), the executive secretary (Alessandra Aula), sixteen participants, eight observers, sixteen guests and four interns. Our members, coming from the Philippines, Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, Colombia, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Canada, the United States and Switzerland, represented the two families' engagement for human rights around the world at the Commission. Summary links for the Commission 2000: Colombia, Iraqi, Philippines, Pakistan, Mexico, women, migrant workers, human rights defenders

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UN Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-sixth session
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UN Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-sixth session