Summary of Our Interventions Concerning Pakistan

March 20 - April 28, 2000
Palais des Nations, GenevaFranciscans International and Dominicans for Justice and Peace stated that, in Pakistan, religious minorities are increasingly the targets of bigotry, which is often instigated by extremist forces. The lack of political will on the part of the government to put an end to these destructive trends has encouraged these groups to persecute and victimize individuals and groups. Thus, religious discrimination is protected in legislation (Blasphemy Laws 295 B and C of the Penal Code), which tends to promote a culture of intolerance while the system of separate electorates on the grounds of religion has the effect of denying religious minorities their fundamental right to universal adult franchise. This segregation impedes them from having a direct say in the process of making national decisions and in the framing of national economic, social and cultural policies. We recommended that the separate electoral system be abolished and the joint electorate system be restored before the next elections as well as that all discriminatory laws against religious minorities, especially blasphemy laws, be repealed. Summary links for the Commission 2000: Colombia, Iraqi, Philippines, Pakistan, Mexico, women, migrant workers, human rights defenders
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UN Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-sixth session
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UN Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-sixth session