Summary of Our Interventions Concerning Mexico

March 20 - April 28, 2000
Palais des Nations, Geneva

Franciscans International and the Dominicans for Justice and Peace expressed their concern about the increased number of violations committed by the armed forces in Mexico, especially in the States of Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca against indigenous communities, as corroborated by the recent visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial and Summary Executions. Violence and impunity are seriously impairing the rule of law and many of the issues addressed by UN mechanisms in recent years are still relevant and need urgent action. Mexico needs to seriously take into consideration and to implement effectively UN human rights recommendations, and not merely extend invitation to UN officers.

We urged the Commission to monitor and ensure follow-up to the Sub-Commission 1999 Chairman's statement, the recommendations of various treaty bodies and Special Rapporteurs on the situation in Mexico. We also requested that the technical assistance program, being discussed by the government of Mexico and the Office of the HCHR, will concretely deal with the systemic violations of the rights of the indigenous peoples.


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UN Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-sixth session
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UN Commission on Human Rights: Fifty-sixth session