Official Statements

These are official statements endorsed by the Dominican Network at the United Nations since 2011. Statements from previous years can be found here.

Update of Human Rights in Sri Lanka : Follow up of the UPR process

Togather with several other faith based organizations, the Dominican Délégation to the United Nations expresses its views on four key human rights issues in Sri Lanka: 1) Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs); 2) Peace and Reconciliation; 3) the Rights of the child; 4) Persons with disabilities.

Wants to know more on thse issues, please read the official UN working document.

Paediatric HIV prevention/treatment and social determinants of health

Population health outcomes, in fact, are significantly influenced by complex, integrated and overlapping social structures and economic systems identified as “social determinants of health”. What is the impact of public policies on children suffering from HIV-AIDS? Read the Written statement made by the Dominicans, togather with Caritas Internationalis and several other organizations.

Human Rights in Pakistan : Dominicans contributes to the Universal Periodic Report

The Delegation of the Dominican Order submitted a written statement to the 22nd session of the UN Human Rights Council on the Human Rights situation in Pakistan. Children rights, Women's Rights and Education are key issues for the future of the country.

for more information:

fr. Olivier Poquillon o.p.

Permanent Delegate of the Order to the United Nations

Nations Uniies : Déclaration sur la Solidarité internationale

Même au cœur de la récession mondiale, le besoin perdure de rechercher le bien commun à travers le développement du concept de "famille des nations". Il demeure tout aussi essentiel de rechercher des façons inovantes de mettre en œuvre la responsabilité des Etats de respecter, de faire respecter et de protéger les droits de l'homme à l'échelle planétaire. Voici de quoi traite le concept de "solidarité internationale".