General Comments on the Happenings at the 53rd Session of the Commission on Human Rights

March 10-April 18, 1997 Palais de nations, Geneva

I. General comments

The Representative of the Dominicans at the UN Commission on Human Rights, Philippe LeBlanc, OP intervened publicly at the Commission on issues affecting countries where Dominicans are actively engaged in the struggle for human rights. He made statements on issues of human rights violations in two countries and one region: Chiapas, Mexico, Khanewal and Shantinagar districts in Pakistan and the Great Lakes Region of Africa: Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire. He was accredited by Franciscans International (FI) which has status at the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).Franciscans.

Philippe worked closely with the FI team which consisted at various times of Fr. David Jaeger, OFM (Palestine), Fr. John Quigley, OFM (Rome), Omar Fernandez, OFM (Colombia) John Coughlin (Rome) and Fr. Stephen Chan, OFM (Hong Kong). Franciscans International made statements on Colombia and on Palestine. The Franciscans International/Dominicans team was assisted by the Executive Secretary of Genève-Libertés, Alessandra Aula and by an intern with Pax Christi, Amina Nasir.

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The 53rd session of the UN Commission on Human Rights
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The 53rd session of the UN Commission on Human Rights