General Summary Report

August 4-29, 1997 Palais de Nations, Geneva


The Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities meets annually in Geneva and is the only sub-commission of the UN Commission on Human Rights. It is made up of 26 independent experts from various regions of the world who are elected for four-year terms. The Sub-Commission is meant to function as an autonomous body which can initiate studies, propose standards and identify and raise and tale action situations of human rights violations throughout the world.

The delegation of Franciscans International and Dominicans at the 49th session of the Sub-Commission consisted of: Alessandra Aula, Philippe LeBlanc OP, Josep Garcia, Fernando Figuerdo OFM and Guy Musy OP. Amina Nasir and Patrick Gleeson participated as interns.

Oral, Written or Summary: