Conclusions and Recomendations

August 4-29, 1997 Palais de Nations, Geneva

Franciscans International and Dominicans again intervened on country situations and thematic issues in which some of our brothers and sisters are involved. We are gaining credibility at the Commission and Sub-Commission because of the grounding of our statements in the concrete activity of our communities.

The small delegation of Franciscans International and Dominicans at the Sub-Commission was very active in advocating on behalf of people who are victims of human rights violations in countries where Franciscans and Dominicans are working. Our involvement at the Sub-Commission exemplifies the need for follow-up action to our statements at the UN Commission on Human Rights and as they progress through the UN system in New York. It is extremely important to receive reliable and credible information from our brothers and sisters working in various countries so we can speak truth to the international community. We will work on establish even better communications with Franciscans and Dominicans and their organizations who work in the area of human rights around the world.

Furthermore, it will become important in the future to have individuals directly involved in country issues to be present at the Commission or Sub-Commission meetings. In this respect, we consider that persons attending the meetings should try to be present for at least two weeks for their own benefit and for the purpose of advancing a particular item or issue. The small secretariat in Geneva with Alessandra Aula as executive secretary will assist anyone attending meetings at the UN in Geneva from Franciscans International and the Dominicans.

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