Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of Preachers) was created in 1998 by the
International Dominican Justice and Peace Commission and endorsed by the General Council
of the Order of Preachers as a permanent presence of the Order at the United Nations.
Dominicans for Justice and Peace is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization
dedicated to the promotion of justice and peace in the world and to the promotion and
protection of human rights for all, which is an integral element of the Order’s mission to
preach the Truth.

Our history

Since the Order was founded in 1216, the promotion of justice, peace, and human rights has
always featured strongly in its activities. Particularly in the 16th Century, Fray Bartolomé de
las Casas and Fray Antonio de Montesinos defended the rights of indigenous people in Latin
America. Based on their experience, Fray Francisco de Vitoria and the Salamanca School in
Spain established the theoretical foundations of the Law of Nations - the basis of modern
International Law. Hence, the presence of Dominicans for Justice and Peace at the United
Nations is in continuity with the tradition of the Order.

Our objectives

Dominicans for Justice and Peace hopes to contribute to the ongoing promotion of social
justice and protection against human rights violations worldwide. The presence of the
Dominicans at the UN aims at liaising with members of the Dominican family worldwide,
encouraging them and increasing their capacity to advocate for the promotion and protection
of human rights at the international level.