Fr. Raul Vera, OP, Bishop of Saltillo (Coahuila) expresses his grave concern regarding the Pasta de Conchos Mine in Coahuila, Mexico. Following an accident, the Company that owns the mine, Industrial Minera Mexico, S.A. (known as IMMSA, owned by GRUPO MEXICO) wants to have the mine permanently sealed, thus making impossible the recovery of the remains of the 63 bodies that remain in the mine. Bishop Vera considers that the real reason that the Company does not want to allow the bodies to be recovered is because it will reveal to the world the almost total lack of safety structures within the mine at the time of the explosion on Feb 19, 2006.

The mining company made no attempt to rescue the trapped workers so as to cover up its negligence. An Urgent Action is needed so that the Mine will NOT be sealed, so that the remains of the 63 miners can be recovered and given a decent burial by the family members, and so that the Truth may be known.

For any information, contact the communication officer of the Human rights Office, Diocesis of Saltillo.

(photo from diocesis of Saltillo)

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