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The Dominican Order joins the pope in his call to help victims of the conflict in Sri Lanka:

VATICAN CITY, 4 FEB 2009 (VIS). After his catechetical pronouncement, Benedict XVI called for the cessation of hostilities in Sri Lanka: "The radicalizing of the conflict, which causes the number of victims to rise, leads me to call upon combattants to respect the human rights and the freedom of movement of the population. Let everything possible be done to guarantee that the injured will be cared for, that  civilians will be provided security, food, and medical care. May the Virgin of Madhu, who is venerated not only by Catholics but also by adherents of other religions, hasten the day when peace and national reconciliation will be achieved."

The position of the Catholic bishop of Jafna (ZENIT)

The humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka as seen by UN agencies




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