Everyday, in all parts of the world, victims suffer from the adverse impacts of business activities. The increasing number of human rights violations committed by businesses has emerged as a pressing issue at the global level. Typical corporate human rights violations range from child labour, unsafe working conditions, restrictions on trade unions rights, destruction of the environment and adverse effects on the rights to health and to an adequate standard of living. In particular, these abuses affect vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples. More and more, Dominicans are confronted to this situation at the local level and attempt to bring support to the victims.

Dominicans for Justice and Peace articulates a major part of its action around this issue. Challenging the impunity of corporations, calling for effective remedies for victims, countering activities contributing to climate change and the destruction of the environment, promoting indigenous people‚Äôs rights and addressing human trafficking are among the various actions taken by the organisation. 

Business and Human Rights