35th session of the UN Human Rights Council

Item 4 - Human Rights situations that need the attention of the Council

Geneva - June 2017


Mister President,

Pax Romana, Dominicans for Justice and Peace, Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Sheperherd, and Franciscans International present before the Council of Human Rights the exponential increase of the violation of the rights, in the middle of the implementation of the Final Peace Agreement, in the municipalities that shape the Pacifico Nariñense of Colombia. In the process of demobilization of the guerrillas of the FARC-EP, new and diverse criminal organizations seek to get hold of the territories where the FARC were present.

Nariño is one of the three departments that produce 64% of the coca crops grown in Colombia. We share the deep concern of the Pastoral Social of the Diocese of Tumaco for the serious violations of human rights in this region, where the intensification clashes between the armed groups for territorial control are intensified, as well as an increase in illicit crops, intimidation, disappearances, threats, extortion, displacement, selective homicides, arms trafficking, and free movement of illegal armed groups through estuaries and on the open sea.

These violent actions add to the humanitarian crisis that this population, mostly ethnic communities with to special protection under international treaties of Human Rights in which the Colombian State is part. Illegal armed groups are threatening people whose actions of leadership and humanitarian work, they consider contrary to their interests, for example, the representatives of the boards of the “Acción Comunal” and the “Pastoral Social of Tumaco”.

We recommend that in the Colombian Nariñense Pacific region, the government has to:

 Ensure the defence and effective enjoyment of Human Rights, with urgent attention to Afro- descendant and indigenous ethnic groups and leaders (including women and young people) and human rights defenders.

 Disband illegally armed groups that pretend to cover the spaces left by the FARC.

 Prioritize the implementation of Development Programs with a Territorial Approach as stated in the Peace Agreement.


Thank you Mister President



Oral Joint Statement delivered by

Pax Romana

Co-signed by

Dominicans for Justice and Peace

Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Sheperherd

Franciscans International


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