Our delegation, Dominicans for Justice and Peace, has identified two main priority dimensions in which we work simultaneously, since they are profoundly interconnected in the fight and advocacy for Human Rights and dignity for every single human being.

     On one hand, we work under Thematic Priorities, since there are several issues that affect transversally more than one country in our global world. We could identify countless thematic priorities. Currently, the delegation's work is focused in two of them:

  1. Environmental Justice

Climate change and the degradation of the environment endanger millions of people and hinder their realization to the rights of life. The Delegation articulates its international advocacy through activities at the UN in Geneva, at the UNEP in Nairobi and in the annual UN Conference on Climate Change (COP).

  1. Business and Human Rights

Undoubtedly business and companies collaborate in the wellbeing of countries and regions, they create employment and bring development to each area. But sometimes this is achieved at a very high price: through systematic violation of human rights and the dignity of people. It is in this field where our Delegation focuses its advocacy.


     On the other hand, we work by Country Focus to focus our work in the training of local teams and in the advocacy of specific situations of violation of Human Rights and dignity of men, women and children. The delegation works with 4 to 5 current focus countries for a period of two years. After this time, the countries continue to be ongoing country focus, where the advocacy is led by the local teams and who receive support from the Delegation.

Our Current focus countries are:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo 
  • Ivory Coast
  • The Philippines
  • Solom Islands & Papua New Guinea