28 February 2020

To: All permanent missions in New York and Geneva

CC: Antonio Guterres, members of the St and 3rd Committee of the UN General Assembly and Ms. Michelle Bachelet

Your Excellency,

In recent years, the United Nations Human Right System has grown exponentially. The number of states ratifying human rights treaties continued to increase, getting us closer to the ambitious goal of universal ratification. Such growth represents a great achievement of the peoples' struggle for justice and social progress and at the same time, it poses some challenges that need to be addressed.

Our organizations are particularly concerned by the lack of adequate funding to the UN Human Rights System. Human Rights, Peace and Development are the three pillars of the United Nations. These pillars are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. It is unacceptable that, as underlined by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, human rights received less than the 8% of the regular budget and the Office of the High Commissioner just received 3.7 per cent of the total UN regular budget[1] for 2018-2019 and 3.3% for 2020[2]

In 2019, the financial constraint of the OHCHR resulted in the potential cancellation of the third session of six different treaty bodies. The decreasing budgetary allocation to UNOG forced the Human Rights Council to reduce its meetings and, consequently, the Council suppressed all general debates during its nextJune session and it further reduced speaking time for all stakeholders. Special Procedures, as well as the OHCHR, heavily rely for their functioning on 'voluntary contributions' by states, private institutions and even business enterprises. This situation is unacceptable and it seriously threaten the independence and impartiality of the UN work in the field of human rights. Such developments negatively affect the right of participation of civil society organizations and peoples' movements.

Despite its limits and defects, the UN Human Rights System plays a fundamental role in the promotion and protection of human rights all over the world. It is crucial to preserve it and to guarantee its efficacy and efficiency. For many groups the UN Human rights system remains one of the few international spaces to which they can turn seeking justice and accountability. These institutions are especially relevant in the current environment, in which i.a. authoritarian forces are fueling racism, xenophobia, misogyny and nationalism; repression and criminalization of human rights defenders are on the rise; and outrageous inequalities are deepened by the dominant economic model. Armed conflicts affect many regions of the world and environmental destruction and climate change harm the livelihoods of the most marginalized groups of the population and threat to destroy our common house.

In accordance with resolution 68/268, in April 2020 the General Assembly will review the functioning of the UN human rights treaty body system. In Geneva, the so-called "Human Rights Council Long Term efficiency process" is ongoing. We urge all UN member states to actively participate in these important debates and to make sure that adequate recourses are allocated to the human rights system through the UN regular budget.

More than 70 years ago, we, the peoples of the United Nations, decided to unite our strength to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war and to create better conditions of living for all, i.a through promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all. We have come a long way since then but there is still a long way to go.

Confident in the active support of your Delegation to our common effort to improve and strengthen the UN human rights system, please accept, Excellency, the assurance of our highest considerations.

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