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Everyone is praying for peace in Ukraine. Hoping the war will end soon. 
We pray for all our brothers, sisters, and the children around the world for justice and peace.
Here are some our commitments that os taking us to new frontiers, while others show our continued and extensive support towards our longer running programmes. 
We will be covering a range of geographical and thematic issues from Asia, to the Pacific, Africa, and the Americas and from climate change,
to the exploitation of natural resources, indigenous peoples rights to women’s and children’s rights.
We are committed to making a difference.
We are committed to working for justice and peace.
Make a change today!
Help Philippines!
Help Guatemala!
Help DRC! Democratic Republic of the Congo!
Help Solomon Islands!
Help Ivory Coast!
Help Dominican Republic!
Help Myanmar!
Help Ukraine!

What You Can Do To Help

1. Help share information on our campaigns
2. Spread awareness of the work of Dominicans for Justice and Peace worldwide
3. Stay informed on our activities taking place during our campaigns and attend our special events 
4. Stay informed about our current projects by subscribing to our newsletter
5. Volunteer or recommend someone to volunteer as a Philanthropy Associate for Dominicans for Justice and Peace
6. Invite friends, parishioners and other interested people to donate financially to the work of the Delegation




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Dominicans for Justice and Peace - Bank Information for Donations
  • Account Name: Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of Preachers)
  • Account Number: CH63 0900 0000 1420 6812 2
  • Address: Rue de Vermont 37-39
  • City/Country: Geneva 1202, Switzerland

Beneficiary Bank:

  • Bank Name: PostFinance SA
  • Bank Branch: N/A
  • Bank Address: Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Berne, Switzerland
  • Routing Number (if applicable): N/A
  • Sort Code (if applicable): N/A
  • City/Country: Switzerland

If you are a Swiss resident, a donation certificate might be extended for tax purposes. If this is your case, please contact communications@un.op.org

2022 Current Projects:


GUATEMALA - Click here to Read the Project --- DONATE 


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - click here to read the project --- DONATE






DR CONGO - click here to read the project --- DONATE






IVORY COAST - click here to read the project --- DONATE






PHILIPPINES​ - ​​click here to read the projects --- DONATE






SOLOMON ISLANDS - click here to read the project - DONATE


For more information about our projects and donations, please message contact@un.op.org
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