2020 Year-Ender Conversation Series

The Power of Open Conversations through the Pandemic

COVID has taken its toll on so many charities and non-government organizations so UNOP initiated a this 4-part series campaign to properly summarize and say goodbye to 2020.

The “2020 Year-Ender Conversation series” is intended to reach out, promote visibility and show and document on-the-ground impact and situation in each and every prioritized country we have and to help us raise funds and continue to connect with our major donors, trusts and corporate partners.

Throughout the year, opportunities come up for the UNOP team to appear in communications, help with fundraising, and participate in activities and events from a range of causes, who are virtually meeting supporters and partners, in spite of the difficulties.

We ended the year 2020 with an inspiring note, started off with a free webinar series via Zoom last December 10, 2020, in celebration of the International Human Rights Day, “Let’s Talk About Human Rights“. It is a special conversation with the outgoing Director of Dominicans for Justice and Peace and Permanent Delegate of the Order of Preachers to the United Nations, Fr. Mike Deeb OP. (Watch the conversation here)

After the successful opening episode talking about Human Rights, we followed it up with episode 2: “Let’s Talk about Climate Crisis: the case of the Philippines“. It is an insightful panel conversation with our Philippine partners Fr. Jun Sipalay, Sr. Teresa Dagdag, Fr. Victor Calvo and Asst. Prof. Froilan Alipao. (Watch the conversation here)

For the third talk in the series, we put the focus on the Dominican Republic where we have in the conversation in Spanish. “Let’s Talk About Business and Human Rights: the case of evictions in the Dominican Republic" with Father Miguel Ángel Gullón OP. (Watch the conversation here)

For the fourth and final conversation of our year-end conversation series. We had another panel of partner in DR Congo, and this time it was in French. “Let’s talk about Human rights in mining: the case of DR Congo". The panel includes Fr. Augustin Wiliwoli, OP; Innocent Madrandele OP and Sr. Noelle Ginimangimi. (Watch the conversation here)

Our continued efforts to disseminate information of what is really happening on the ground, taking action in diversity, equity & inclusion in conservation around the world, discussing various initiatives to help reduce barriers to accessing nature, create opportunities for partnerships, and more. We leverage our network of partners to enhance great opportunities to engage donors and lead them to our cause. Our wonderful team and partners work tirelessly to make society a better place, and at this particularly difficult time they have never been more needed.


Please check out the 4-part Year-Ender Conversation Series:

Episode 1: Let’s talk about Human Rights.                                                                                    

With fr Mike Deeb OP, outgoing director of Domincans for Justice and Peace.

Conversation in English.



Episode 2: Let’s talk about climate crisis: the case of the Philippines.

With our Philippines partners: fr Jun Sipalay OP, Sr Teresa Dagdag, fr Victor Calvo OP and Asst Prof. Froilan Alipao.

Conversation in English.


Episode 3: Let’s talk about Business and Human Rights: the case of evictions in Dominican Republic.

With fr Miguel Ángel Gullón OP.

Conversation in Spanish.


Episode 4: Let’s talk about Human Rights in the mining sector: the case of DR Congo.

With our DRC partners: Augustin Wiliwoli OP; Innocent Madrandele OP, Sr. Noelle Ginimangimi.

Conversation in French.

By: NJ Jacobson