Year-Ender Conversation Series. 

Thank you for joining this series of talks on Human Rights. 

If you missed them, all four conversations will be available online shortly. Youtube links will be available in this site. 

The four episodes were: 

  1. “Let’s talk about Human Rights” with Fr. Mike on December 10, 3:30 PM (CET) - in English - the video of this talk will be available shortly
  2. “Let’s talk about Climate Change and Environmental Justice in the Philippines" on December 19, 2:30 pm (Central European Time / 9:30 pm Philippines) - in English
  3. “Let’s talk about Business and Human Rights in the Dominican Republic” on December 21, 3pm (Central European Time / 10 am Dominican Republic) - in Spanish
  4. “Let’s talk Human Rights in the mining sector: the case of DR Congo" on December 29, 15:30 (Central European Time & Kinshasa / 16:30 Kisangani) - in French