History shows that effective advocacy campaigns can lead to exponential positive results. A change in a policy or the adoption of a new law, for example, can bring long-lasting and nationwide progress. Through its advocacy programme, the Delegation seeks to create a space for Dominicans, civil society organisations and the most vulnerable population groups to have their voices heard in the different UN offices and to boost ambitious and sustainable changes in government agendas.

To understand the mechanisms of each UN office and the advocacy programme of Dominicans for Justice and Peace, please consult the following pages:

Geneva - click here

  • Human Rights Council (HRC)
  • Treaty Bodies
  • Universal Periodic Review (UPR)
  • Special Procedures


Vienna - click here

  • Countering Human Trafficking
  • Prision Reform
  • Countering Forest and Wildlife Crime
  • Education for Justice


Nairobi - click here

  • The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA)