Help minors uncover nuggets of wisdom, not nuggets of gold…

The Dominican Family (Order of Preachers) in the DR Congo work for the promotion of the rights of children, of women and of vulnerable populations.

4 commissions work in order to:

  • Increase awareness on the exploitation of children and women in the mines.
  • Promote dialogue between the Mbororo herders and the local populations;
  • Advocate for free and quality education for Congolese children and better health for all
  • Denounce domestic violence

Help empower the local populations to recover their human dignity.

Project's budget: CHF 24,641   Donate here!







Basic Information:

Project title: Capacity building project for human rights defenders in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Locations: Kinshasa and Haut-Uele, DR Congo and Geneva, Switzerland

Main objective: Strengthen the capacity of the Dominican network on justice and peace in the DRC for advocacy at the national and international level

Duration: 10 months

Direct beneficiaries: members of the Commission on Insecurity and Conflicts, the Commission on the right to education and health, the Commission on domestic violence, the Commission on natural resources, targeted vulnerable communities in Haut-Uele.

Main activities: training on techniques for collecting data on human rights violations, preparing reports and drafting oral statements to the Human Rights Council, training for human rights defenders, consultations with vulnerable populations, human rights advocacy at the national and international levels.

Expected results :

a) Participants are trained in data analysis as well as the production of advocacy documents for the UN
b) Participants are trained in the organization of a field visit and the collection of information
c) Vulnerable populations express their voices and awareness of their situation is increased
d) The human rights network in the DRC is empowered
e) Advocacy activities are organized at the national level and at the UN


Project's budget: CHF 24,641   Donate here!

To contact the project proponents:

In Geneva: Benedict Rimando,, +41767195340

In the DRC: Fr. Augustin Wiliwoli OP,, +243813133554