Solomon Islands UPR Project

Solomon Islands partners are eager to share key concerns on logging activities in the context of UN the Universal Periodic Review. Enable the training of Solomon Islanders in the techniques of data collection and advocacy so they can bring their concerns on logging activities to the UN and advocate for their rights and human dignity. Empower them to bring their voice to the public by supporting this project financially.

Solomon Island’s total forest cover is around 78%, the highest percentage in the Pacific region. However, extensive logging activities and serious impacts on human rights and the environment worry the civil society on the ground.

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Solomon Islands is set for 2021. This important review at the United Nations, taking place every 41/2 years, is a key opportunity for Dominicans on the ground and their partners to elevate their concern in the field of logging activities at the international level. Read the Advocacy Paper "The impact of logging activities on human hights in Solomon Islands" here.

Dominicans for Justice and Peace  is supporting them this year in engaging with this important UN mechanism. Make this possible with your financial support. Budget : 14'170 CHF  donate here


Project Title: Solomon Islands UPR Project

Locations: Honiara, Solomon Islands and Geneva, Switzerland

Main objective: Accompany Solomon Islands partners in their engagement at the Universal Periodic Review and train them on how to make the most of their engagement in this UN mechanism

Main activities: Advocacy and monitoring on logging activities, Human Rights advocacy training, participation in the online UPR pre-session, advocacy actions following the pre-session (including contacting embassies and permanent missions, drafting of advocacy reports), online introductory training on the UPR, participation in the UPR, training (online or physical depending on the Covid-19) on monitoring and following up of the UPR

Duration: 12 months

Direct beneficiaries: Members of the Dominican Family and their partners in the Solomon Islands

Indirect beneficiaries: Communities affected by logging activities

Expected results :

a) Human rights defenders in the Solomon Islands acquire a concrete experience on international advocacy work and are trained on how to organize efficient advocacy at the UPR and on how to monitor and follow up the UPR human rights recommendations

b) Human rights defenders in the Solomon Islands actively monitor and report human rights violations caused by logging activities in the country

c) The main human rights concerns in the context of logging activities in the Solomon Islands are shared at the United Nations level, thus increasing scrutiny on the Government's practice in this sector

d) The Justice and Peace promotion structure is reinforced

Budget : 14'170 CHF  donate here

Dominican Partners in Solomon Islands


Photos : Dominican Partners in the Solomon islands / map : mapsofworld / logging: Mary Tahu