48th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Agenda Item 5, UPR Adoption - Solomon Islands

30/31 September 2021


Madam President,

Dominicans for Justice and Peace and Franciscans International would like to welcome the adoption of the UPR Report of Solomon Islands. We commend the acceptance of almost all recommendations related to the impacts of logging on human rights, environment and climate change.

Logging activities remain one of the most damaging economic activities in the Solomon Islands, both for the people as well as the environment. The destruction of forests and lands through logging activities exposes soil to sun and rain, dries up water supplies and increases the likelihood of flash floods. Logging practices also lead to soil erosion, which increases sediment in coastal areas and waterways, impacting the access to safe drinking water for the local population in the logging area. Commercial sexual exploitation of children is also a serious problem in logging areasand there is a lack of monitoring of logging camp sites by the authorities.

In this context, we call the Government of Solomon Islands to diligently implement all UPR recommendations related to logging activities and ensure the full and meaningful participation ofcivil society in this process.

We thank you.


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