Oral Statement

49th Session of the Human Rights Council

ITEM 3 Interactive Dialogue:
Cultural Rights


Oral Statement delivered by Ignasi Grau of OIDEL

Thank you, Mr. President, 

First of all, we would like to welcome and thank the newly appointed Ms. Alexandra Xanthaki, as well as offer her our support whenever it may be needed throughout her upcoming mandate. 


Secondly, we want to encourage the Special Rapporteur to consider during her mandate the topic of education as a cultural right. Education as a cultural right goes beyond folklore and is essential to guarantee the full development of human personality. As already stated by the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, education as a cultural right “Diversity is an essential human element that must guide public action with respect to the organization of education systems, including the issues of participation and representation”. In this regard, the recognition of communities and parents as pillars is essential to guarantee this right. 


Thirdly, in line with the content of your report, conscious of the legal obligations that States have towards cultural rights. We call upon the need of updated policies that respect all groups, specially minorities and indigenous communities. Thus, we reaffirm that no cultural background should be deprived nor the existence nor access to an education that suits them.


In conclusion, we would like to highlight three recommendations from the reporter’s report.

  1. Adopt policies that allow the establishment and operation of public educational institutions under the right of freedom of learning.
  2. Express special support to cultural rights defenders, such as parents or teachers by both State and non-State actors.
  3. Raise awareness of the importance of distributing state funding and resources towards the educational institutions that care for the protection of cultural identities and rights.
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