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Developing a sense of human responsibility for a healthy environment

Promoting freedom of religion.

Dominican sister after an anti-Christian bombing in Iraq.

Fighting extreme poverty

Dominican friar working at community development in Columbia

Preaching to the Nations

Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of Preachers), in Special ECOSOC consultative status with the United Nations

Dominican friar working with the Indigenous communities in the jungles of Peru

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UN High Commissioner Presents Human Rights Report On Colombia, Cites Concern Over the Rule of Law, Paramilitary Groups

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson expressed concern over the state of affairs in Colombia, contending that the rule of law in the country was in grave jeopardy as a result of the continuing armed conflict, escalation of violence, application of a Law on National Security, lack of a proper administration of justice, and a burgeoning paramilitary threat

FI/OP delegates at the UN Commission on Human Rights meet with diplomats to discuss the human rights situation in Pakistan

For the second year, Franciscans International and Dominicans for Justice and Peace invited a selected number of diplomats to an informal meeting, which took place at the UN on 11 April 2002, in order to share our concerns about the human rights situation in Pakistan. In particular, the Pakistani members of our group took this opportunity to alert delegates on the violations committed against religious minorities in their country and expressed concern that Pakistan continues to table a resolution on “Defamation of Religions” calling for a specific examination of the situation of Muslim and Arab peoples in various parts of the world.

Archbishop Denounces Terrorism

On her visit to the Franciscans International Geneva office, Ms. Philippa Hitchen from the Vatican Radio interviewed several Franciscan brothers and sisters from developing countries who came to Geneva to participate in the Commission on Human Rights. While here, Ms. Hitchen met with Vatican official, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, concerning the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Listen to Interview!!

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Delegates from nations around the world met in Kyoto, Japan from 1 to 11 December 1997 to compose a treaty to deal with global warming. Kathie Uhler, OSF, and Ignacio Harding, OFM, Co-Directors of Franciscans International, led a delegation from Franciscans International to the conference. On December 5th, Franciscans International held a press conference in Kyoto and issued a Press Release.

Vieques, a People under Siege

A delegation from Vieques, Puerto Rico presented the case of “Vieques, a People under Siege” to representatives of the international human rights community at a forum yesterday during the annual session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The forum was sponsored by Franciscans International and Dominicans for Justice and Peace. The Geneva Office of FIOP was asked by the Dominican and Franciscan Families of Puerto Rico to support the presence at the UN Commission of delegation from Vieques.

FI called on Israel and Palestinians to reach an understanding to peacefully resolve the standoff that will save lives and honor.

UN Commission on Human Rights met in a Special Sitting on the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and decided to send immediately a visiting mission headed by the High Commissioner for Human Rights to report expeditiously to CHR.


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