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Developing a sense of human responsibility for a healthy environment

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Dominican sister after an anti-Christian bombing in Iraq.

Fighting extreme poverty

Dominican friar working at community development in Columbia

Preaching to the Nations

Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of Preachers), in Special ECOSOC consultative status with the United Nations

Dominican friar working with the Indigenous communities in the jungles of Peru

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Pope's message for Peace 2012

The Message, entitled “Educating Young People in Justice and Peace”, which was made public on 8 December, conveys His Holiness’ conviction of the importance of the duty that we all share to educate the young in promoting justice and peace. There is indeed an urgent need in the world today to listen to and enhance the significant role of new generations in the realization of the common good, and in the affirmation of a just and peaceful social order where fundamental human rights can be fully expressed and realized.

 The Pope invites young people to keep alert in today’s troubled world and to seek justice and peace even if it implies opposing the general trend, because peace is not only a blessing to receive but an objective that we should all strive to attain.

Mexico : Dominicans together with more than 90 organizations of the Civil society asks the Government to sign the Facultative Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Dominicos miembros de una coalición de 95 organizaciones y redes mexicanas entregan a la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores más de 18 mil firmas ciudadanas que respaldan la petición para la firma y ratificación del Protocolo Facultativo de Pacto Internacional de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales. ·Declaran que este instrumento es fundamental para contar con un mecanismo internacional de acceso a la justicia en materia de derechos económicos, sociales y culturales. ·Subrayan que a la luz de la reforma constitucional en materia de derechos humanos, México debe mostrar su compromiso real con estos derechos, no demorando más en esta trascendental decisión.

Burundi : 18 September massacre - the President of the INCHR calls to protect the populations

The Bishops after the 18 September massacre: "May these moments of trial do not become an occasion of hatred that threatens to plunge Burundi in a spiral of revenge" - fr. Emmanuel Ntakarutimana OP, president of the Independent National Commission of Human Rights calls the authorities to bring perpetrators to justice.


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