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Dominican sister after an anti-Christian bombing in Iraq.

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Dominican friar working at community development in Columbia

Preaching to the Nations

Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of Preachers), in Special ECOSOC consultative status with the United Nations

Dominican friar working with the Indigenous communities in the jungles of Peru

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Item 12c (iii): International peace and security as an essential condition for the enjoyment of human rights, above all the righ

Franciscans International and the Dominicans welcome the pioneering role of the Sub-Commission on the question of land mines. By adopting resolutions 1995/24, 1996/15 and 1997/33 urging for a total ban on production, stockpiling, transfer and...

Item 11: Situation regarding the promotion, full realization and protection of the rights of children and youth.

Mr. Chairman, Franciscans International and the Dominicans in conjunction with the International Catholic Migration Commission would like to address the situation of the full realization and protection of children’s rights. Many of our members are work...


FI/OP stressed the importance for the international community to receive a more detailed information on the human rights situation in Rwanda. Emmanuel Ntakarutimana op, a member of our delegation, spoke at a public NGOs briefing on the role o...


In 1997 FI/OP made an oral intervention at the Commission about the destruction of the Christian villages of Shanti Nagar and Khenawal in Pakistan. This year we returned to the situation of the two Christian villages and decided to addr...


This year, FI/OP spoke more strongly on behalf of Mexican people than we have done at other sessions. We cosponsored the showing of two videos, one on paramilitaries and the other on the massacre in Acteal as well as the briefing on the human...


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