UPR Outcome of Kenya

Oral Statement at the 45th Session of the Human Right Council

Item 6: UPR Outcome of Kenya

Date: 28th September, 2020

Delivered by: Mr. Constantine D'Abreu

Madame President,

Our collective responsibility to act now to protect human rights from the impacts of the intersecting environmental, climate and Covid-19 crises

United Nations                                                                  A/HRC/45/NGO/X

General Assembly                                                          Distr.: General XX August 2020

Human Rights Council Forty-fifth session September–October 2020 (TBC)

Agenda item 4

Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

Governance of the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo

45e Session du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme

Item 10, Dialogue renforcé sur le rapport de la HC sur la Rép. Dém. du Congo and rapport final des experts sur le Kasaï

2 octobre 2020





Mme la Présidente,

Establishment of a special procedures mandate on Human Rights and Climate Change

45th Session of the UN Human Rights Council Agenda Item 4, General Debate 25th September 2020 


Madam President, 

The right to education: follow-up on the Human Rights Council Resolution 8/4 (in French)

Oral statement HRC XVII session. Item 3: The right to education: follow-up to Human Rights Council resolution 8/4. 


Merci Mr le Président

Je parle au nom de la plateforme d’ONGs sur le droit à l’éducation et tiens tout d’abord à saluer le travail accompli par le nouveau rapporteur spécial, Mr Singh, durant les premiers mois de son mandat, tel qu’il apparaît dans son premier rapport au Conseil des Droits de l’Homme, aux paragraphes 1 à 5.

The activities of corporations and human rights in Mexico

35th Session of the UN Human Rights Council 

Clustered ID with the WG on transnational corporations and human rights

Geneva - 8th June 2017


Mr. President,

Trafficking in persons, especially women and children, and human rights

35th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Item 3 - Individual interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children

Geneva – 12 th June 2017


Mr. President,

Inclusive growth and Sustainable Development

31st Regular Session of the Human Rights Council –29 February to 24th March 2016

ITEM 1: Annual High-level Panel on Human Rights Mainstreaming



Mr President,

APG23 and the co-signing NGOs welcome the initiative to discuss on this panel such a relevant topic and thank the panellists for their interventions.

A Plea for Urgent Action on Iraq

A Plea for Urgent Action on Iraq to all World leaders and Member States of the United Nations by the Master of the Dominican Order (Order of Preachers), Fr Bruno Cadoré OP

Iraq: Ethnic cleansing against Christians in Mosul's region

UN report documents litany of human rights violations in Iraq, including possible war crimes and crimes against humanity. Christians systematicaly targeted by ISIL in Mosul's region