40th session of the Human Rights Council

Item 10: Enhanced ID on DRC

19th of March 2019


Mr. President,

Dominicans for Justice and Peace and Franciscans International thank the High Commissioner for Human Rights for her oral update and report on the human rights situation in the DRC before, during and after the December 2018 elections. We fully support her recommendations.

In the face of credible suspicions about the results of the recent elections, it is the responsibility of the new government to take urgent measures to ensure the establishment of good governance. There is a need to guarantee the Rule of Law, to engage in an effective dialogue to reduce political tensions, and to hold transparent and inclusive local government elections.

We call on the new government to protect fundamental freedoms and human rights, including through adequate and regular training of security forces on human rights and the legal use of force and weapons. The deployment of politically neutral law enforcement officers must be a priority. In addition, it is important to ensure the safety of the civilian population, especially in conflict areas, and to conduct thorough and impartial investigations into human rights violations in order to identify alleged perpetrators and bring justice to victims.

Mr. President,

As we know, the DRC is a country rich in natural resources but a large share of its population still suffers from extreme poverty. It is therefore imperative, among others, that the new authorities ensure the effective implementation of the 2018 Mining Code, with particular attention to provisions that ensure a meaningful participation of local communities who shall adequately benefit from the exploitation of their resources and be protected against negative impacts. We also expect foreign States to ensure that companies, domiciled on their territories or otherwise under their control, and that are operating in the DRC comply with the provisions of the Code and with human rights.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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