36th Session of the Human Rights Council

Item 3 - Interactive Dialogue with the SR on the Right to development

 September 2017


Mr President,

APG23 and 14 co-signing NGOs welcome the report of Mr Saad Alfarargi, the Special Rapporteur on the right to development and appreciate very much his efforts to go through the normative framework and all the ministerial declarations approved by consensus at the UN that reaffirm the right to development.

The fundamental principles of the Declaration on the Right to Development have never been more relevant than they are today for both developing and developed countries, especially considering the asymmetric and inequitable impacts of global governance in trade, investment, finance and development. All the consensus UN documents of the past 30 years, including the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, recognise this.

We fully concur with the Special Rapporteur on the fact that “the right to development is not just a declaration or a topic for political debate within the United Nations or political forums” and that “the reality outside is that of billions of people who are in need of improvements in their life and who are entitled to have their human rights, including the right to development, realized”.

Indeed, It is time to pass from words to facts and implement the right to development in all countries for the sake of all persons, especially those in situations of extreme poverty and vulnerability, who cannot wait any longer.

By aiming for the creation of an enabling international and national environment to overcome structural obstacles and challenges, the Declaration on the Right to Development, if fully implemented, has the potential together with the respect of other International human rights law instruments to lead to the achievement of social justice and lasting peace in the world.

We agree on the challenges to the realization of the right to development indicated by the Special Rapporteur in his first report, namely politicisation, lack of engagement and adverse global trends and appreciate very much how Mr Alfarargi has spelt out the focus areas of his mandate.

We humbly suggest the Special Rapporteur to consider in his first thematic report to address the issue of migrants and refugees with the lens of the right to development. In fact, large number of migrants and refugees escaping from poverty, persecution, natural and man-made disasters, conflicts etc. are people that, having their right to development far too long denied in their countries of origin because of national and international obstacles to development, are forced to seek elsewhere for safety, the fulfilment of their basic needs and a life that can be lived with dignity.

We hope that the expertise of Mr Saad Alfarargi will greatly contribute to overcoming the political and ideological obstacles that still impede the implementation of the right to development. We wish Mr Alfarargi all the best for his work and reiterate our support to his mandate.


Thank you!



Joint Oral statement delivered by

Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (APG23)

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