UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights: Fiftieth session

Item 11: Situation regarding the promotion, full realization and protection of the rights of children and youth.

Mr. Chairman, Franciscans International and the Dominicans in conjunction with the International Catholic Migration Commission would like to address the situation of the full realization and protection of children’s rights. Many of our members are work...

Item 12c (iii): International peace and security as an essential condition for the enjoyment of human rights, above all the righ

Franciscans International and the Dominicans welcome the pioneering role of the Sub-Commission on the question of land mines. By adopting resolutions 1995/24, 1996/15 and 1997/33 urging for a total ban on production, stockpiling, transfer and...

Point 4: Le gouvernement du Brésil ne s’est pas acquitté de toutes ses obligations suite à la ratification de traités inter

Franciscans International en collaboration avec les Dominicains veut exprimer sa grave inquiétude concernant la non-conformité du gouvernement du Brésil avec ses obligations selon les traités internationaux qu’i...


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