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In our line of work, we forge close partnerships with experts, civil society organisations, United Nations agencies and diplomatic missions, so that we can succinctly impact human rights issues.

In the countries where we operate, we are heavily reliant on our Dominican Sisters and Brothers on the ground, who help us to bridge the gap with relevant stakeholders and government representatives, enabling us to fervently champion the causes that are crucial to the local communities. We are always on the lookout for partners whose expertise and familiarity with the local laws and regulations help us to navigate the nuances of the dilemmas we encounter on the ground.

Alongside the regional structures of the Dominican Order, larger NGOs and civil society organisations play a vital role as partners. This at times enables us to effectively outpace a problem that is prevalent on the national scene and commit to dealing with it on a regional level.

On the international level, we work with all the United Nations agencies and processes that are pertinent to the predicaments of the local communities that we are involved with. Throughout the years, we have established lasting relationships with many United Nations personnel, as well as diplomats. These partners have ensured us of the effectiveness of our work and supported us in defending human rights and raising awareness for grave injustices. We are also members of various civil society alliances and focal groups, which are vital in backing the issues that we are engaged in. Besides the wide range of our partners, we are closely associated with the Dominican Sisters at the United Nations in New York and the International Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace.

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