Draft Guiding Principles on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty

Promoting Draft Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty at the UN Social Forum 2010

Extreme poverty: Dominicans call the United Nations to action

The UN Social Forum : a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to examine on an equal footing priority issues related to the application of human rights principles in the eradication of poverty.

Extreme poverty: a new path to the adoption of Draft Guiding Principles

At the 15th Plenary session of the UN Human Rights Council, the Delegation of the Dominicans, together with other faith based organizations, advocates the adoption of Draft guiding principals on Extreme Poverty.

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Fighting for freedom of religion or belief of minorities in Pakistan

Dominicans commend the work of the Special Reporter on Freedom of Religion or Belief and highlight preoccupying situation of minorities in Pakistan

Education and training on human rights (in French)

Dans le cadre du Comité consultatif du Conseil des Droits de l'Homme de l'ONU, les Dominicains interviennent dans le débat sur le projet de Déclaration sur l'éducation et la formation aux Droits de l'Homme

Communal violence affecting religious minorities, India and Pakistan

In India and Pakistan, Christian minority communities are victims of violence perpetrated by extremists from the majority group

The human rights and humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka and steps forward

Franciscans International, Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of Preachers), and Pax Romana, submit this written statement for the Eleventh Special Session of the Human Rights Council on The Human Rights Situation in Sri Lanka.

The situation of the human rights of children

 Oral statement to the 10th session of the UN Human Rights Council for the Discussion on theConvention of the Rights of the Child


The impact of the global economic and financial crisis on the effective and universal implementation of human rights (en français)

« L’impact de la Crise économique et financière mondiale sur la mise en œuvre effective et universelle des droits de l’homme »

Si cette crise est d’ampleur planétaire, ses effets touchent d’abord des personnes humaines, des millions de familles, d’hommes, de femmes et d’enfants et particulièrement les plus faibles.

The growing humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip

Dominicans order condems the grave violations of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including the recent aggression of the occupied Gaza Strip