Minority effective participation in Pakistan political life

A lay Dominican address the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues on effective political participation in Pakistan

Communal violence affecting religious minorities, India and Pakistan

In India and Pakistan, Christian minority communities are victims of violence perpetrated by extremists from the majority group

Blasphemy laws and human rights of religious minorities in Pakistan

The Dominican Order submitted a written statement to the UN Human Rights Council on the impact of "blasphemy laws on the enjoyment of Human Rights by religious minorities in Pakistan

Persécutions contre des communautés chrétiennes au Pakistan

Les frères de la vice-province du Pakistan réagissent aux récentes attaques de quartiers chrétiens dans l'État du Penjab, qui ont fait huit morts et de nombreux blessés, et demandent l'abolition des lois discriminatoires sur le blasphème

Violences against Christians in Iraq

L'Ordre Dominicain condamne les exactions commises contre les chrétiens d'Irak et appelle les autorités du pays à prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour assurer la sécurité effective de la minorité chrétienne et de ses lieux de culte

Dominicans launches an appeal to the UN Human Right Council to hold a Special Session on Sri Lanka

Dominicans, together with other International NGOs launches an appeal to the Chair of the UN Human Rights Council to call for a Special Session on the situation of the civilian people in Sri Lanka.

Anti-racism Durban Review Conference adopts final outcome document

The anti-racism Durban Review Conference on 21 April adopted its final outcome document. The High Commissioner for Human Rights warmly welcomed the latest development, and called upon the international community to continue the fight against all forms of racism

DURBAN Review Conference : Agreement on a draft Declaration

The Durban Prepcom reached an agreement on a draft Declaration for the UN World summit on Racism taking place in Geneva from April 20 to 25.

Top UN envoy urges Iraq to protect minorities after latest killing in Mosul


The top United Nations official in Iraq has urged the Government to do all it can to protect the country’s minorities, after two Christian women were killed in the northern city of Mosul, just hours after some families displaced by recent violence began returning to their homes.

Dominicans advocate for Iraqi refugees in Washington, D.C.

 Dominican across the United States joined other advocacy groups in Washington, D.C. on April 14-16 to pressue the US congress to address the needs of millions of displaced Iraqis