CARING FOR IRAQI REFUGEES : A Dominican fact-finding mission back from the Middle-East


Interview : Dominican Sister Toni Harris o.p. returns from a fact-finding mission to Lebanon where she and a group of religious witnessed the plight of some 70,000 Iraqi refugees first-hand...  Radio Vatican report  


Violence against the Christians in ORISSA and other parts of INDIA


Attacks against the Christian community

Brutal attacks against the Christian community took place on Christmas eve, in December 2007, in the Kanhamal district of Orissa. The Christmas festival of joy and peace was ruined by the unwarranted attacks by fundamentalist forces. There appears to be a  total breakdown of law and order that could curtail such crimes against humanity.
In a memorandum submitted to the National Human Rights Commission and signed by Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi, Dr. John Dayal, President of the All India Catholic Union , Dr. Joseph Desouza, President of the All India Christian Council and other Christian Leaders, it was stated that nearly 90 Churches have been burned down and nine people have died.  Furthermore, bout 600 houses were burned or vandalized and some 5000 people have been affected by the attacks.