2012 | 21st Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council (10 - 28 September 2012)

Declaration on International Solidarity at the United Nations

21st Regular Session of the Human Rights Council – Item 3 – Interactive Dialogue

Joint Oral Statement
“The added value of a declaration on the right to International Solidarity”

The Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, the Company of the Daughters of Charity of Vincent de Paul, Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of Preachers), Edmund Rice International, IIMA, New Humanity, OIDEL and VIDES welcome the report of Ms. Virginia Dandan, the Independent Expert on International Solidarity and Human Rights and her summary of the Expert Workshop on Human Rights and International Solidarity.

In our era of globalization, there is a strongly felt need, even in the midst of a global recession, of seeking the common good and making real the concept of the family of nations as well as finding innovative ways to implement responsibilities for respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights worldwide.

In this regard, the recognition of the right of individuals and peoples to international solidarity brings added value to the panoply of human rights. The Independent Expert has pointed out several added values in her summary of the expert workshop. The co-signing NGOs would like to add that a declaration of the right to international solidarity would:

  •  reinforce other declarations such as the one on the right to development, the declaration on rights of indigenous peoples, the future declaration on the right to peace.
  •  make clear and concrete the indivisibility of all the other human rights (civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights including the right to development)
  •  contribute further to creating an enabling international and national environment by addressing the root causes of the imbalances between developed and developing countries and removing the structural obstacles that generate poverty worldwide
  •  foster equal participation to the process of decision making at international level, especially in financial institutions
  •  have a positive impact on the struggle to preserve the environment and promote sustainable development
  •  offer a legal framework to regulate financial markets and would promote a global economy based on an ethical, just, more democratic financial architecture to pursue the common good of humanity
  •  be crucial to fight poverty worldwide and enhance global partnership
  •  foster social protection floor mechanisms becoming as an international obligation
  •  contribute to making globalization fully inclusive and equitable

We welcome the unanimous support given by the experts to the concept of “Preventive Solidarity”, that means that interventions are not limited to and implemented when calamities, crises, natural disasters occur, but rather steps are taken by Member States, at national and international level, to address and remove the structural obstacles to the enjoyment of human rights and a fair distribution of benefits in our globalized world.

The co-signing NGOs fully agree on the need to elaborate further the definition of international solidarity both as a principle and as a right.

Finally, we encourage the Independent Expert to continue carrying out consultations with all the stakeholders and involve as much as possible civil society not only in the consultation process but also in the drafting of the declaration.